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Floor Finishing and Cleaning

Floor Cleaning made Easy!

Of all the rental equipment on the market, none is less intimidating than a floor cleaning machine. You can easily achieve the desired results without hardship and aggravation. Here are three trade secrets to help get better results.

Hardware Floor Cleaning
Operators will need a floor machine, drive pad holder, lamb wool bonnet, paste wax, and a dust mop.
1) Completely dust mop the floor.
2) Wipe up spills with a dry cloth, or paper towel. Use a slightly damp cloth for sticky spills,
3) To apply paste wax, attach the pad holder to the machine. Apply a tablespoon amount of wax to 4 sections of the white polish pad. Turn machine on and work the machine in a forward/back mothion spreading out the wax to a thin coat. Allow 5 minutes for the wax to dry, Turn the white pad over to clean side and buff.

Helpful HInts
1) When the floor looks dull, try buffing first to see if that will restore luster before rewaxing
2) When heavy traffic areas no longer respond to buffung, wax only those areas and buff the entire floor to an even luster.

Stripping Procedure
Operators will need a floor machine, drive pad holder, black strip pad, broom or dust mop, wax remover or stripping solution, small black pad, two mops, and a bucket and wringer.
1) Use a broom or dust mop to sweep floor area to be stripped.
2) Mix stripping solution according to the label instructions
3) Dip the mop in the solution and apply to the floor over a 6 x 6 area. Apply along the Baseboard edges forst or where ther is a wax or dirt buildup.
4) Let the solution stand for 5 minutes, scrub using the floor machine with the black pad. Use the small black pad to get into corners.
5) Remove the dirty solution with a mop or wet/dry vacuum. Do not allow the stripping solution to dry on the floor.
6) Repeat steps 3 – 5 until the entire floor is stripped.
7) Rinse floor area twice with clean water and mop
8) Allow area to dry before applying the new finish.

Do not flood the floor area or allow the solution to dry
Use a Clean mop for the final rinse
Change rinse water frequently
Use a damp cloth to wipe off any splashes on walls or furniture.
Refinishing Floors
You will need a floor machine, pad holder, white pads, floor finish liquid, clean string mop, bucket and wringer, and a disposable plastic bag.
1) place disposable bag inside the bucket with wringer. This will protect floor finish from being contaminated with leftover residue from the stripper.
2) Pour a quart size container of finish into the disposable bag. The amount of finish depends on the size of the floor.
3) Dip the mop tip into the finish, then wring out lightly.
4) Apply finish in thin, even coats.. Apply the first coat around the edges and cover the remaining area in an east-west direction.
5) Allow finish to dry at least 20 minutes.
6) Apply the second coat one tile width out from the edge. This coat should go on in a north-south direction.
7) Additional coats can be applied to the desired finish.
8) Allow 24 hours to pass before buffing.
9) Buff the floor to an even shine with the buffer and white pads.

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